Exercise Physiology

Quite simply, Accredited Exercise Physiologists are exercise specialists with an in depth understanding of human biomechanics and body system functioning and how to optimise the performance of both of these through exercise.

With the global trend of increasing lifestyle diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases) and spinal pain from work or the ageing process it have become evident that medication and remedial therapies can often only provide short term relief. Safe and appropriate exercise specific to you by a highly trained exercise specialist is the key to long term health.

Where we differ at Healthfix to other practices, is that we are constantly working towards making ourselves obsolete or what we refer to as discharge planning. We concern ourselves with what has caused your issues to arise in the first place and what risk factors you may have. This way we can tailor an exercise plan specific to your needs and equip you with all the necessary tools to manage and monitor your activity yourself so that, in the kindest way possible, we never need to see you again!

To read more about Our Approach and The 4 Phases at Healthfix click here.

We employ accredited exercise physiologists who keep themselves in optimal strength, mobility, flexibility and fitness so they can handle what life throws at them with minimal risk of injury or breakdowns- who best to show you how do this yourself?

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