Exercise Physiologists

Jean- Pierre Steyl I B.Sport Sc.Hons (Biokinetics)

Jp is one of Healthfix's highly motivated, goal oriented and results driven Accredited Exercise Physiologist. JP prides himself on maintaining the highest standard of quality care with a unique patient focused approach as he strives to establish individualized rehabilitation programs to achieve short, mid and long term goals and health management solutions.

JP qualified as an Exercise Physiologist (Biokineticist) at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. After completing his studies and gaining early experience in the field of exercise and rehabilitation in South Africa, JP continued developing his skill-set in health and well-being by working in the United Kingdom and now Australia.

Along with gaining invaluable experience regarding musculoskeletal injuries while working for the British Military, positions as a Professional Care Assistant specializing in Spinal-cord Injuries and a Biokineticist/Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist at various other clinics have also developed his knowledge of exercise prescription and management of individuals with chronic/metabolic conditions.

Additional Patients and clients worked with include individuals with neurological/neuromuscular disorders, cardiopulmonary conditions, physically disabled, children and adolescence with special needs, the elderly, healthy population and elite athletes.

His personal and professional approach to a healthy lifestyle perfectly fits the Healthfix philosophy regarding the idea that there is no ‘quick fix’ when it comes to holistic and physical wellbeing in particular.

In his free time JP won’t be found to far from the outdoors as adventure sports make up a big part of his approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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Daniel Rafty I B.App.Sc (Exercise Physiology) 

Great success doesn't comes easy and there will be no shortcuts when under Daniel's care. His positive influence extends beyond the time training with him, as he seeks to get the best out of your life.

Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Healthfix team having previously worked as a Medical Consultant, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer. In this time, Daniel has worked with not only the healthy population – enhancing the fitness, strength and performance of individuals and sporting teams - but has also managed an extensive caseload of clients consisting of various musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular complications.

Daniel's love for exercise, hard work and desire to better the health of others drew him into the field of Exercise Physiology where he received his degree from the University of New South Wales and subsequent accreditation from Exercise and Sports Science of Australia.

Daniel's primary goal is to see you live life to the fullest. The genuine care that he has for every individual within his life is evident with the passion and detail he displays throughout his time with his clients, striving to achieve their goals (which also become his goals).

Don’t let the smile fool you, Daniel's strict and thorough approach to changing your lifestyle will have you feeling guilty for every unproductive minute you spend. Outside of Healthfix, Daniel continues to fulfill his passion for fitness, working as the Head Strength Coach of the North Sydney Bears.

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Kieng Morgan I B. Ex & Sports Sc,  M. Ex & Sports Sc

Kieng works hard to ensure that every client’s program is individualized and aims at achieving the desired results. Through his studies and experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Kieng believes that when implemented correctly, exercise can be used as medicine.

Kieng has gained valuable experience working with the healthy population to improve fitness and lose weight as a personal trainer, as well as working with developing rugby union players to improve strength, prevent injuries, and rehabilitate players. Kieng has extensive experience in rehabilitating clients and in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Kieng has also had experience managing clients with metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.

Kieng’s love for exercise and sport led him into the field of health and fitness. Kieng started in the field by receiving his Exercise and Sports Science Degree at the University of Newcastle, followed by his Masters of Exercise Physiology (Clinical) degree at Charles Sturt University.

When not helping clients achieve their goals, Kieng enjoys leading by example and can be found outdoors enjoying sports or at the gym working hard.

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Nathan Krupa

Nathan focuses on providing exercise and lifestyle interventions for the prevention, management and treatment of chronic disease and musculoskeletal conditions.

Nathan completed a Bachelor’s of Exercise Physiology with Distinction from the University of New South Wales. Nathan has worked within a variety of exercise rehabilitation settings, including private hospitals, gyms and private practice clinics, providing high quality prevention and rehabilitation services for a range of goals, including post-operative rehab, falls prevention, strength and conditioning, and performance.

Nathan also has 6 years’ experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and gym instructor, where he has consistently achieved successful results by motivating a broad range of clients from elderly to sports specific populations. Nathan focuses on a patient centred approach to his treatment programs, considering the patients history, goals, barriers and lifestyle, to design and implement an individually tailored treatment plan that will allow for a comfortable and successful progression through the rehabilitation journey.

Nathan is results focused, using planning and tracking strategies that lead to the best outcomes for his patients. Taking a biopsychosocial approach is key to Nathan’s services, which includes education and strategies for self-management, so that the results last long after his intervention is completed.

Nathan is passionate about musculoskeletal rehab and chronic disease management, as he feels that these populations benefit greatly from exercise therapy, providing lifelong improvements to health and function.

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